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​Perfect Tutor


BA Year Two Project


London, UK


03/2020 - 04/2020

Before Animation

In this fantasy, students are allowed to customized their tutor base on their individual standard of Perfect. Therefore, tutors are trained secretly using daily life objects in order to meet their students need. I questioned what our educational industry going to develop as a service industry in the future and use stop motion animation as my outcome.

<Stop Motion Animation "Perfect Tutor">

Just like Colin McGinn pointed out: "We allow ourselves to enter into this contingency in certain special sealed-off imaginative context – not in the world of hard moral and political reality. Significantly, these contexts typically involve horror and fear and loss of control." (1993, p146) The thrive of disaster and fantasy creature films can be an evidence of collective fear in current society. Base on the fictional background, we can build up a close environment and materialize our fear inside. Bradley Voytek, an expert of zombie neurology, once wrote: The great thing about the zombie genre is that it's more or less a new stage upon which a writer can cast any number of big, unfathomable societal and psychological fears or concerns. Unlike vampires, those who are greedy upper-class (for some reason become girls' dream lover now), zombies represent obedience of ordinary people which is so close to most of us. Therefore, the core of zombie culture turns to be more malleable and variable. It can be the representation of a particular group of people which makes it an excellent tool to model and test our reality. 

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