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Everybody Believes




Wuhan, China



In this Nomophobia century, people playing with mobile phones simultaneously in public space is an everyday scene. This unconscious behaviour in people caused coldness, estrangement, and tension. I aim to create an imaginary space for modern people to rethink their position in the world and release their stress in life.

After observing people in the subway, I found that it is interesting to see many people using their phones simultaneously in public places, as it can remind me of some kinds of ritual. The way of people holding their phones is similar to ancient Chinese Buddhists holding incense stick. By giving meaning to the phone case, there will form a contrast between fast pace modern life and peaceful ZEN lifestyle. It is the conflict between high technology and tradition. 


In this project, I play the role of director for the first time. Credits to my model and photographer, this couldn't be done without them.

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